How to send gigantic files (like multi-Gigabyte files) in Outlook?
Thanks to Attach to Cloud, you can now attach files up to 15 GB unit size to your MS Outlook emails and send them to any recipients, with the assurance that they will receive them.

How to Increase the Outlook Attachment Size Limit up to 15 GB per file.
No User Interaction required.
(Email size limit: No limit anymore!)


For many years MS Outlook users have bumped into the Outlook and Exchange maximum allowed attached file limit or email size limit when attaching large email files to their emails.

Those days are now over!

Now, thanks to Attach to Cloud, you can attach files to virtually any size (up to 15 GB per file, no limit for the size of the email) to your Outlook emails and send them to any recipients of your choice. Whether your recipients use Outlook or other email programs or web browsers, are located inside or outside your organization, behind any email server, they can always receive your largest attached files, regardless of their size.

How? very easy, you don’t have to do anything special, not even one single additional click! Simply attach your files to your Outlook emails as usual.

Of course, those large files are never physically attached to your Outlook emails (and of course not even stored, neither inside your local Outlook OST mail file nor inside your MS Exchange server mailbox, even temporarily).

Instead, Attach to Cloud manages to transparently upload them to OneDrive in the background, share them with your recipients, and to replace them by OneDrive shortcuts before the email is sent.

For the Outlook users, all this is not perceptible. Everything is like if they were really attaching these very large files to their emails and sending them using Outlook.

For the recipients of these emails, everything is also 100% self-explanatory:
They receive small emails containing OneDrive shortcuts. All they have to do is to click on these shortcuts to download the corresponding files from OneDrive. Easy!

The demo below, that basically takes the time to send and receive an email, shows the perfect integration of Attach to Cloud into Outlook and its complete transparency to the Outlook users, even when attaching and sending multi-Gigabytes files!

Let’s start!


Rose needs to send several Gigabytes of Video files to Yumiko.

Rose receiving the MS Outlook email with the OneDrive shortcuts created by AttachToCloud in place of the Ymiko's video and audio files

Hi, I’m Rose!

I need to send several very large video files (a total of 18 Gigabytes) to Yumiko and Team.

18 GB of video files to be attached to a Microsoft Outlook email!

Usually, when trying to attach large files, Outlook displays this dialog and prevents files in excess of the maximum Outlook / Exchange allowed email size limit (set to 35 MB by our Office 365 administrators) to be attached:

The file you're attaching is bigger than the server allows. Try putting the file in a shared location and sending a link instead.

The total size of the files I need to send to Yumiko is not few MB but several GB!
Luckily, since we are using Attach to Cloud, MS Outlook now accepts attached files up to 15 GB unit size and there is no MS Outlook maximum allowed email size limit anymore!
Look how easy it is to send GB of files in Outlook…

In fact, there is nothing special to do:
I simply create a new Outlook email and I drag and drop my 18 GB of video files to it.
Et voilà!

Half a second after the drop, my 18 GB of video files are attached to my email. 

As you can see, Attach to Cloud has added The Attach to Cloud cloud tag for MS Outlook attachments exceeding the-maximum allowed email size limit to the attached file names. So you know that these files will be uploaded to OneDrive when you send your email.

The size of the attached files is only 1 KB. In fact my files have not really been attached to my email. The attached files files you see are placeholders created by Attach to Cloud.

18 GB of large video files files attached to a Microsoft Outlook email!

My email is put in my MS Outlook Outbox (like any other email being sent).

As you can see by looking at my email being sent, Attach to Cloud is uploading its attached files to OneDrive and displaying the progression of the upload: “Starting to upload 6 attachments to OneDrive…”

I can continue working in MS Outlook during the upload, writing and sending emails.

When Attach to Cloud finishes the upload, it replaces the uploaded attached files by their OneDrive shortcuts and the email is then sent.

All this is 100% automatic and transparent. There was zero extra click needed!

See the big Outlook email video attached files being uploaded to OneDrive automatically by Attach to Cloud

Yumiko is receiving the Rose’s email

Yumiko is sending an MS Outlook email with video and audio attached files to Rose

Hi, I’m Yumiko !

Let’s have a look at the email Rose just sent to me:

The video files sent by Rose have been replaced by OneDrive shortcuts. The Rose’s email size is now 79 KB, although she sent me more than 18 GB of attached files!

I can open or download the Rose’s video files by clicking on the OneDrive Shortcuts.

I of course, do not need Attach to Cloud to access these OneDrive files.

The received Outlook email with the large video and audio attached files replaced by OneDrive shortcuts by Attach to Cloud is arrived in the Yumiko's inbox
The received MS Outlook email with attached OneDrive shortcuts to video files created by Attach to Cloud in place of the large files attached by Rose

Let’s go back to the Rose’s Sent Items folder.

Rose receiving the MS Outlook email with the OneDrive shortcuts created by AttachToCloud in place of the Ymiko's video and audio files

If we look at the email I just sent to Yumiko and to my other team members in my MS Outlook Sent Items folder, it contains the same OneDrive shortcuts as those received by Yumiko and Team.

Thanks to Attach to Cloud, we can now collaborate using the same unique copy of these files stored in OneDrive.

In the Rose's MS Outlook Sent Items folder, the sent email with the the video file OneDrive shortcuts created by Attach to Cloud

Attach to Cloud Benefits

Rose talking about Attach to Cloud benefits

With Attach to Cloud, we can now attach and send gigantic video files to our MS Outlook emails (and have them uploaded to OneDrive automatically).

Exchanging very large files (like 5 to 10 GB files or even more) has always been complicated. Before we adopted Office 365, we were using specific platforms dedicated to exchanging large and very large files.

Sending large files to other people using these platforms required using specific software or Web pages having their own user interface, not integrated at all with our current IT environment.

We thought that, after migrating to Office 365, our users would start using OneDrive for the purpose of exchanging files (large ones and others) but unfortunately, this did not happened. Old habits are hard to kill!

It is also true that OneDrive requires numerous steps, not always very well integrated, to complete the sharing of files (uploading, setting permissions, informing the recipients…), and this has not facilitated its adoption by our Office 365 users.

Nor did we have a sufficient training budget to consider massive training for our users.

Attach to Cloud has really been a game changer in this matter. The only information we gave to our users was that they were now able to attach files of any sizes to their MS Outlook emails. Many of them discovered this by themselves!

A few weeks later, thanks to Attach to Cloud, all our users shared their files, large or small, on OneDrive (while continuing to use Outlook and attaching their files to their emails as usual).

Yumiko talking about Attach to Cloud benefits

Attach to Cloud has drastically boosted the adoption rate of OneDrive and of the advanced MS Office 365 collaboration features based on OneDrive at our organization.

After having limited the maximum allowed email size to 35 MB, it is funny to now advise our MS Outlook users to attach very large files to their MS Outlook emails.

Since Attach to Cloud automatically uploads and share these attached files to OneDrive and replaces them by OneDrive shortcuts before the emails are sent, there is virtually no limit anymore to the size and number of files our MS Outlook users can “attach” to their emails and “send” to their recipients.

Another very important benefit of using Attach2cloud is that the reception of these emails containing only OneDrive shortcuts, and therefore of a very small size, is guaranteed. This was far from being the case previously. Even with our limit set at 35 MB maximum for the size of emails being sent, the largest emails were frequently rejected by the mail servers of their recipients.

Adopting Attach to Cloud also enabled us to stop using third-party platforms for exchanging large files, to the benefit of OneDrive.

Based on their very positive experience with their largest attached files, our Office 365 users now let Attach to Cloud uploading most of their Outlook attached files to OneDrive. 

This really improved their productivity since they can now use all MS Office 365 advanced collaboration features, like real-time co-authoring in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and version management, on these OneDrive files.

Attach to Cloud really helped us maximizing our Office 365 investment!

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