How Attach to Cloud replaces all Outlook attached files exceeding a given size by OneDrive shortcuts at no extra click.
Thanks to Attach to Cloud, the largest Outlook attached files are automatically moved to OneDrive without any user specific action.

Replace all MS Outlook attached files over a given size in MB by OneDrive shortcuts
No user interaction


In this usage case, Attach to Cloud has been configured automatically upload MS Outlook attached files over 10 MB  to OneDrive.

This usage case shows the ability of Attach2cloud to automatically upload MS Outlook attached files to OneDrive based on rules testing the properties of the attached files (here, their size in MB, but we could also test the file types).

It also shows the perfect integration of Attach to Cloud into Microsoft Outlook and its complete transparency to the MS Outlook users.

Thanks to Attach to Cloud, all your Office 365 users automatically upload and share MS Outlook attached files exceeding a given size to OneDrive and send attached OneDrive shortcuts instead, This without even a single additional click and without changing their habits.

The emails sent contain OneDrive shortcuts instead of large attached files.

This ensures that they can be successfully received by all of their recipients. (No more rejected emails due to exceeding the maximum allowed email size).

Another key advantage of Attach to Cloud is that it allows files to be attached to Outlook emails with virtually no size limit (up to 15 GB per file).

Yes, you read it right! Whatever the limits in terms of maximum email size or maximum attachment size configured in Office 365, Outlook and Exchange, you are now free, thanks to Attach to Cloud, to attach files up to 15 GB unit size to your Outlook emails, without any email size limit.

Let’s go for the demo!


Anita is sending an email with attached files to Janet

Anita is sending an MS Outlook email with attached files to Janet

Hi, I’m Anita!

Attach to Cloud is installed on my computer. Let me show you how it automatically converts my MS Outlook attached files over 10 MB to OneDrive shortcuts.

I just created a new email and attached 3 files I needed to send to Janet (2 of them are over 10 MB).

I click on Send. That’s it!

The MS Outlook email with attached files is ready to be sent

My email is put in the MS Outlook Outbox (like any other email being sent).

I can continue working in MS Outlook, for instance writing and sending other emails or sorting my received emails.

As you can see by looking at my email being sent,  Attach to Cloud is uploading 2 attached files (the 2 attached files larger than 10 MB)  to OneDrive and displaying the progression of the upload: 
“Starting to upload 2 attachments to oneDrive…”

When Attach to Cloud finishes the upload, it replaces the uploaded attached files by their OneDrive shortcuts and the email is then sent to Janet by Outlook.

All this is 100% automatic and transparent. There is not even a single extra click needed!

See the big Outlook email attached files being uploaded to OneDrive automatically by Attach to Cloud

Janet is receiving the Anita’s email

Janet receiving the MS Outlook email with the OneDrive shortcuts created by AttachToCloud in place of the Anita's large attached files

Hi, I’m Janet!

Let’s have a look at the email Anita just sent to me:

As you can see, the 2 large files attached by Anita in her email have been replaced by OneDrive shortcuts. The Janet’s email size is less than 200 KB, although Janet sent me more than 100 MB of attached files!

I can open or download the large files Janet sent to me by clicking on the corresponding OneDrive Shortcuts.

I of course do not need Attach to Cloud to access these OneDrive files.

The received Outlook email with the large attached files replaced by OneDrive shortcuts by Attach to Cloud is arrived in the Anita's inbox
The received MS Outlook email with attached OneDrive shortcuts created by Attach to Cloud in place of the large files attached by Anita

Let’s go back to the Anita’s Sent Items folder

Anita showing the sent email (with the same OneDrive Shortcuts) in her MS Outlook Sent Items folder

If we look at the email I just sent to Janet in my MS Outlook Sent Items folder, it contains the same OneDrive shortcuts as those received by Janet.

Thanks to Attach to Cloud, we can now collaborate using the same copy of these files stored in OneDrive.

In the Anita's MS Outlook Sent Items folder, the sent email with the OneDrive shortcuts created by Attach to Cloud

Attach to Cloud Benefits

Anita talking about Attach to Cloud benefits

With Attach to Cloud, we now automatically upload all our large Microsoft Outlook attached files to OneDrive.

Sending large and very large attached files has always caused problems; important and urgent emails rejected because exceeding the maximum allowed email size, mailbox size inflation causing performance issues and OST synchronization delays, huge amount of network bandwidth and storage consumed when sending large attached files to several recipients, etc.

Thanks to Attach to Cloud, not only all these problems are gone but we are now far more efficient when working with files; instead of sending them back and forth as MS Outlook attached files, we can do real-time co-authoring in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on all files uploaded to OneDrive by Attach to Cloud and take benefit of the OneDrive Fully integrated file version management.

After some weeks, some Attach to Cloud users asked if we could offer them the option to automatically upload, not only their largest Outlook attached files, but any attached files of their choice to OneDrive.

We thus decided to configure Attach2cloud to allow users to interact with Attach to Cloud at the time they send emails containing attached files.

By using the Attached File Control Center (an Attach to Cloud window displayed when the Outlook users send emails containing attached files), Attach to Cloud users can now, in a couple of clicks, upload the files of their choice to OneDrive (not only the largest), in OneDrive folders of their choice, and, if necessary, set an expiration date and their preferred OneDrive permissions on each of the files to be uploaded to OneDrive.

All our users are now OneDrive Pros, without doing anything but attaching their files to their Outlook emails as usual!

Janet talking about Attach to Cloud benefits

Thanks to Attach to Cloud, all our users have adopted OneDrive without any training and without changing their habits.

We continue to attach our files to our Outlook emails, but instead of continuing to exchange them later (after modification) as attachments in response emails, they are automatically uploaded to OneDrive the first time they are sent (and automatically shared with the recipients of the Outlook email).

This allows us to benefit from all of Office 365’s advanced collaboration features such as real-time co-authoring in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, integrated version management and selective OneDrive synchronization, on all these files, without having done anything else than attaching them to our emails as usual! That’s really awesome!

Attach to Cloud’s ability to attach files of any size to Outlook emails also appealed to users.

After having limited the maximum allowed email size to 10 to 35 MB, It is funny to advise our Outlook users to attach very large files like 1 GB or even more to MS Outlook.

Since Attach to Cloud automatically uploads these files to OneDrive and replaces them by OneDrive shortcuts, there is virtually no limit anymore to the amount of files users can attach to their Outlook emails.

Adopting Attach to Cloud enabled us to stop using third-party platforms for the exchange of large and very large files to the benefit of OneDrive. This really makes things easier for our users who do not have to deal anymore with specific platforms to exchange very large attached files, and for our administrators as well.

All this contributed to maximize very significantly our MS Office 365 investment.

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